The plant pictured is not the exact plant you'll receive. You will receive a similar size that may be slightly smaller, larger, shorter or longer, but it'll definitely a size appropriate for the 4" nursery pot. 


SIZE: 4” pot

DIFFICULTY: Easy – undemanding

LIGHT: Medium indirect, low light tolerant

WATER: Water: Water and drain thoroughly, allow soil to dry out completely between watering.

PET SAFE: No - can cause oral irritation and digestive issues

AIR PURIFYING: Yes – removes the 5 VOCs in your home.



The ZZ Plant will thrive in medium indirect light, however, is low light tolerant and is perfect for your dark corners and other low light areas.


What’s Included:

A healthy ZZ Plant in its 4" nursery pot, potted in premium soil.

4" ZZ Plant ( Zamioculas Zamiifolia)