The plant pictured is not the exact plant you'll receive. You will receive a similar size that may be slightly smaller, larger, shorter, or longer, but it'll be size appropriate for the 6" nursery pot. 


SIZE: 6” pot

DIFFICULTY: Easy – undemanding

LIGHT: Bright indirect.

WATER: Water sparingly allow 1/2" of topsoil to dry between watering and mist often

HUMIDITY: Moderate-High

PET SAFE: Yes - it's non-toxic to cats and dogs.

AIR PURIFYING: Yes – removes the 5 VOCs in your home.



The Staghorn Fern will thrive in bright indirect light and thrives in high humidity. It gets its name as its leaves expand out as it grows longer and has multiple points, in the end, resembling stag horns. 


What’s Included:

A healthy Staghorn Fern plant in its 6" hanging nursery pot, potted in premium soil.

6" Staghorn Fern