The plant pictured may not the exact plant you'll receive. You will receive a similar size that may be slightly smaller, larger, shorter, or longer, but it'll definitely a size appropriate for the 4" nursery pot. 


SIZE: 4” pot

DIFFICULTY: Easy – undemanding

LIGHT: Bright indirect

WATER: Water: Water and drain thoroughly, allow 1-2" of topsoil to dry between watering.

HUMIDITY: 30% - 60% is ideal

PET SAFE: No - can cause skin and oral irritation as well as digestive issues.

AIR PURIFYING: Yes – removes the 5 VOCs in your home.



The Ring of Fire's new leaves can vary in colors that range from white to cream, dark green, and orange to red. Its leaves also grow in a circular pattern, hence the name Ring of Fire.


What’s Included:

A healthy -Philodendron Ring of Fire plant in its 4" nursery pot, potted in premium soil. These plants are large enough to easily be in a 6" pot.

Philodendron Ring of Fire